Archery in Singapore

The dictionary defines archery as the art or sport of shooting arrows with a bow. It is both a sport and a fun pastime. And Singaporeans have discovered this in their drones, as more and more of them are purchasing newest compound bows and discovering the thrill of archery. Archery has been defined as one of the top five extreme sports in Singapore. And Singaporeans are seemingly very willing to become extreme!

There are courses offered all over Singapore that cater to all toxophilites-those who are passionate about developing or honing the skills concerned with the bow and arrow-alike. Beginners and those more advanced at archery are catered. They can take part in the beginners’ courses- which are introductory- to courses in basic archery and archery for fun. One may also sign up and get club membership at some of these clubs that are especially for archery. These include The Archery Association of Singapore, The Flaming Arrow Archery Club and The Archery Club of Singapore. These places offer archery for individuals, groups and schools; and incorporate various clubs within them.

These clubs have several coaches, who take any interested archers in their courses. These are the people who also train the national archery team of Singapore, which competes in the Olympics, making the country proud every four years.

Anyone interested in trying out archery should look out for any of the several organizations that are committed to helping anyone who wants to go the way of archery. They organise events in the form of extracurricular activities, parties and other similar functions, fund raising projects, trade fairs and team building activities for corporate bodies. There are also several inter-school activities that have been organised and conducted. Singapore is a ripe nation as concerns archery, with there being several championships and workshops having taken place.

For safe and healthy archery in Singapore, one needs to be careful and follow some instructions, and regulations as stipulated.  Seeing as Singapore is hot, an archer would get sweaty due to increased perspiration. Also, in order to not be on the wrong side of the law, it is important for archers and archers-to-be who would like to own bows and arrows to obtain approval and be a member of the Archery Club in Singapore. It is also necessary for their safety and the safety of others that archers use their equipment at places where the use of such equipment is allowed, such as ranges and clubs of archery.

Jogging In Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you no doubt have witnessed or know several people who are have taken to jogging in the mornings, evenings and sometimes even in the afternoons. Jogging is big in Singapore. This is especially with Singapore being a sort of top tourist destination, for those tourists who are interested in all matters sport. Many athletes come from far and wide to train at the lovely island of Singapore, making it a hub of intense training as well as chilled out jogging.

Jogging in Singapore is an activity that is widely accepted, and even more widely performed. Singaporeans of all ages and all walks take part in jogging at one point of their lives. It is a particularly attractive activity for professional athletes from all over the world. It is not uncommon to see fashionable young mothers taking their babies jogging in their top rated jogging strollers. Seasoned and occasional joggers; as well as hikers, bikers and mountaineers also take part in the fun exercise.


Most of those who jog, at whatever time, seem to have certain reasons for doing so. Some jog to keep fit-as jogging is an efficient form of exercise that enables the jogger put in the required work out. Others do it as a way to challenge themselves. Singapore is a pretty hot place, so jogging would not really be the easiest thing to do. Those who want to push themselves, and challenge their physical fitness may take to jogging in Singapore. There are those also who are lovers of nature, and take a regular jog so as to take in the scenic view. As it is a developed country, Singapore is mostly a concrete jungle, which may drain a nature lover. But in the midst of all the grey of building stones, Singapore has some pretty awesome jogging and running trails. These are usually far from the tall buildings, and allow joggers to take their run under the cover of trees-some of which are within jungles. These jogging trails are a welcome relief from the heat of Singapore.

While on the topic of jogging trails, I should mention that these trails are open to just about anyone who wants to take a jog. There are many different trails and routes which can be short or long-ranging from three kilometres to twenty one kilometres and cater to any type of jogger. These trails are scenic and simply delightful.

As with other sports, one needs to be careful as they go for a jog. Singapore can get swelteringly hot, which would cause one to perspire a lot. This requires that one wears appropriate clothing and shoes. It is also important for one to see their doctor and personal trainer before deciding that they should take up jogging. It never hurts to get an okay from the appropriate people.  Enjoy a jog soon, will you?

Knife Sharpening Art in Singapore

I had not really understood the art of knife sharpening, until I witnessed how it is done in Singapore. Knife sharpening is a sort of traditional craft, as it goes way back. In the past, it was too expensive to buy new knives when they became blunt, so instead people would take their knives and scissors to a sharpener, who would grind them against stone at an angle, ensuring that the knife was sharp again. It was also believed that when a blunt knife was sharpened, it was far better than a new one. It was believed to be more seasoned, and that such a knife cut better. The art of knife sharpening was learnt, with it being mostly a family affair, where a knife sharpener would teach his children how to sharpen knives, and they would do it with him, and after him.

Knife Sharpening in Singapore

Image by Jennifer Teo

In modern times, however, knife sharpening seems to be becoming a lost art as it is now easier for people to buy new knives. And with increasingly busy schedules, people are finding it tiresome to walk around looking to get their knives or scissors sharpened.

There are, however, a few knife sharpeners who refuse to be bullied by the advances made by technology. Although it is a craft that appears to have been surpassed by technology, there are still some professional knife sharpeners. In Singapore, some of these professionals have taken to modern machinery where they use machine operated grinders and other equipment to sharpen knives. Some, however, still stick to the traditional honing stone slabs.

However, if you were to inspect closely, you would see that knife sharpening in Singapore has become more personalised as people are opting to do the sharpening for themselves. There are now good electric sharpeners that can be purchased at stores or even online for not more than fifty Singapore Dollars. These can be used at home, allowing an individual to sharpen their own knives.

And if you do not know how to sharpen knives, do not worry your pretty little head. There are knife sharpening classes offered all over the country. You did not know this? Well, now you do. You can enrol to any of the many available knife sharpening classes where they will teach you all you need to know about sharpening knives, including the types of knives that should be sharpened, at what angle they should be sharpened and many similar things.

In essence, knife sharpening may seem like a dying art in Singapore, but this is not true. Knife sharpening has simply become more personal, with more and more Singaporeans opting to do their own knife sharpening. And for those who just don’t get the art of knife sharpening or, like me, are just terrible with their hands, there are plenty of knife sharpening businesses all around Singapore waiting to sharpen our knives and scissors for us.